All our accounting services are offered using Xero

We aren’t your average, boring, bean counting, tie wearing accountants. We grow your business by helping you with every aspect of how it runs, we pride ourselves on relationships – our main focus is to ensure your needs as one of our clients are met.

Fixed Price Monthly Payments

Set4Life realise that dealing with an accountant, can be a worry when it comes to getting that dreaded end of year bill. How much more than last year is it going to be? That’s why we offer FIXED PRICE monthly payments, which includes:

  • Xero Accounting
  • Review and lodging
  • Review and lodgment of your Quarterly BAS
  • Preparation of your end of year Financial Accounts.

Why Xero?

Connect directly to bank accounts

The system (Xero) connects directly with banks and other financial institutions so that you can keep data current without requiring your employees to spend time on massive data entry.

Up to date information

You have total control, able to see easily what your financial position is with the most up-to-date information.

Cloud based

With a single ledger, located in the cloud, data access is easy and flexible for both of us. It allows us to get information when we need it so that you are not required to gather multiple reports, record books or ledgers.

Why Set4Life?

Sure, all accountants offer (or they should) this. So why Set4Life?

You ask questions, we answer them! Hate it when you leave a message for someone and they get back to you a week later (if ever). We do too. That’s why we pride ourselves on giving everyone of of our clients a premium, personalised service, where you should never feel like you are asking a silly question or aren’t sure of something. We always tell our clients to ASK US right away! We are always happy to spend the time with you.

Being a client of Set4Life, means just that, with our help, you will be SET4LIFE

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