Aged Care Planning

When the time comes to help a loved one into an aged care facility, it can be confusing and emotionally challenging for everyone involved.

You know you want the best care,but the practical issues also need to be considered. Is the preferred aged care facility affordable in both the short and long term? Will the choices you make now impact on pension entitlements? Will the family home need to be sold to obtain capital to pay for aged care?

Understanding the true cost of aged care

It's important to ensure you know all the facts and take some time to plan to make sure you make the right decisions at this challenging time. Financial Wisdom has a network of Aged Care Accredited Financial Advisors who can meet with you to formulate a plan that considers all of your aged care funding options.

Our plan will incorporate

  • Payment options for the upfront accodation payment
  • The applicable daily care fees
  • The calculation of Means Tested Fees
  • Minimising these costs and charges where possible
  • Planning to make care affordable in both the short and long term

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