Self Managed Super Funds

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Why set up a SMSF?

The main benefits to you when setting up your own Superfund are:

Investment choice and control

In your current superannuation fund you have limited choice of how your superannuation is invested. A DIY fund allows you complete control. Do you want to invest in only bank shares? Through your SMSF you can. If you only want to invest in Term Deposits (which can offer more security), this option is available to you also.


New rules allow your SMSF to now borrow money to purchase a property or a parcel of shares. This can be a great way to purchase an asset that you would not normally have been able to otherwise do.

Pooling your assets

A SMSF allows family members to pool their assets (normally with a spouse). This may allow them to have the funds to purchase a property outright (without borrowing), or negotiate a higher term deposit rate. This could also allow for an overall cost saving on your superfund compared to what you are paying now.

Tax Planning

If you are approaching 60 years of age and hold substantial assets in your fund, effective tax planning (done simply in your SMSF) will significally reduce (or even eliminate) and tax that would otherwise be payable by your fund, thus increasing your fund balance.


For people (or couples) who have superannuation benefits of about $200,000 running a DIY fund can be less expensive then your current fund. As your account balances grow the fees in a SMSF generally stay the same as a dollar figure.

SMSF and Property

A guide to Self-Managed Super Funds(SMSF) and property

Australian’s love of property is well documented. To a lesser extent, so too is the increasing number of people who think they can do a better job investing their superannuation funds than the professionals. It's therefore not surprising that the number of people using Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to invest in direct property & other investment vehicle is growing steadily

But before deciding to do this, there are a number of issues that need to be considered.

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